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1 * Promusculo @ Premium Machine
7 * Replaceable massage heads
1 * Charger
1 * Instruction Manual
1 * Storage box


PROMUSCULO® PREMIUM is an innovative vibrating massage device that promotes muscle relaxation, relieves muscle stress and tension, promotes blood circulation and helps muscle recovery.

Promusculo ®Premium acts through deep impulses in muscle tissue. This treatment promotes blood flow and flexibility , decreasing the accumulation of lactic acid, which improves the recovery of muscles and tissues.

With a specialized design, the PROMUSCULO Premium massager will allow your body to relax, recover and resume your physical activities faster than ever.

“Used by today's top athletes!”

Don't let muscle pain stop you from reaching your goals.

The massager acts through precise and powerful vibrations that penetrate the muscles and stimulate blood flow, thus providing several benefits to your fitness and daily routine.


Speed adjustment: 30 levels
Rated speed: 1200-3800rpm
Capacity: 200 W max.
Battery: Removable lithium battery
Charging capacity: 2500mAh
Input: 24V / 1A
Autonomy: 8 hours
LCD touch screen
Noise: 45dB
Massage heads: 7 styles
Size: 24 * 24 * 5 cm
Weight: 980g
Colors: Silver / Black / Gray

- LCD touch screen and control, convenient and elegant.
- 30 speed settings, suitable for various situations and people.
- Powered by AI chip, fast and smooth to respond to speed adjustment.
- The patented brushless motor, specialized for massage machines, reduces noise to 45db.
- The LED light ring on the handle shows the battery life in different colors.


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